April 16, 2008, 3:40 pm
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What is it with me and auction sites? I seem to get burned way more often than everyone else.
The perfect example is when my sewing machine broke down last year. I thought ‘oh, cool I’ll have a look on Trademe’ you know, as you do.
I happened upon the exact same ancient model I had just had blow up and bid my little life away. I won the auction, smiled, paid, still smiling, even received it and used it for two days, still smiling. Then after what can’t of been longer than four days the machine stopped. It stopped dead in it’s tracks never to work again.
The repair guy said he would bet his bottom dollar the people had been told it wasn’t going to go much longer and to fobbed it off to some idiot over the net… which was, of course, me.
So last week I saw an auction for a bulk amount of fabric. I asked them if they’d sell the ribbing and sweatshirting separately, they agreed and offered me a price. It was a fair bit of cash but worked out pretty good for the amount I was getting, and the postage was even pretty reasonable. It was sent on Monday and all was gravy.
It arrived this morning.
The postie/courier guy had left the cardboard box on my front step in the pouring rain, so I heaved the big soggy lump into the lounge and tore it open. To find, naturally, an equally big soggy pile of fabric.
I picked up the top piece and found that not only was it neither sweatshirting or ribbing, but it was also bright blue and had left a huge blue stain on the piece underneath it (which was also neither of the fabrics I wanted!).
So it turns out they sent ribbing and somehow got very confused and thought very cheap quality polo shirting was sweatshirting. Which would be fixable if the ribbing wasn’t also faded and covered in marks which I had specifically inquired about before accepting their offer.
Here’s the part where most people would go ‘Okay, well I’ll e-mail them, sort it out and if that doesn’t work I’ll just contact trademe.’ Well yeah, that would be great if I hadn’t accepted their offer by e-mail. 😦 Oh, man.
So please keep your fingers crossed for me that I can sort this out.
I had to take the day off work today because it was raining too hard to ride my bike, so all that money I spent on crap material would have made a big difference. Damn it all.


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poo-crap weasle!! not cool, not cool at all.

Comment by Amy

Ohhhhhhh R. Not cool!!
That seriously sucks and I don’t know what you can do about it other than write a big fat ranty email.


Comment by Nikki

bum – it’s really unfair isn’t it?

I AM very leased that you are sewing new things and osting on her more often. You were missed!


Comment by Rachael

well I meant to say pleased and posting but I have a sticky p – hehe!

Comment by Rachael

That really sucks, really sucks badly. I’m sure it’s no consolation but ultimately those crooks will cross someone nastier than they are and then they’ll feel sorry.
PS. Thanks for writing such a great blog. I check it all the time and I love seeing what you’re making and finding.

Comment by Miss Smith

All i can say is: Karma. (for them, not you of course!)

Comment by Tash

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