April 18, 2008, 9:08 am
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This week has been one of those strange weeks. The weather has been absolutely terrible, with rain and thunderstorms for three days. The combination of the gloom that comes with such weather and being stuck indoors with a over-energetic three years old has really taken its toll on me. I’m all muddled and fairly grouchy.
So here is my few-days-late WIP Wednesday entry because, quite frankly, on Wednesday I just didn’t have the energy to do much more than complain!


Sewing-wise I’m taking trying to take pictures of the brooches and finished tops I have waiting to go on Etsy (though the lighting has been much less than helpful), and am working on a few little short sleeved, hooded cardi type tops. I’m also making a few short sleeved hooded t-shirts. Short sleeves aren’t really a style that I get into personally so it’s been a little bit of an inner struggle, but I’ve had a few requests so I thought I’d give it a go!



In the garden the little caterpillars are all very close to becoming butterflies, and the plants are lapping up the extra water! My garden has mostly been pulled out to make room for new Autumn veges, but I still have the odd courgette, eggplant and capsicum. I’ve got some seedlings ready to be put out this afternoon and I’ll try to get some more this weekend, but most of my favourite things to grow are already finished. I think perhaps I’ll try to grow things I really don’t like and do a little green dollaring and see if I can find someone with fruit trees who wants to swap!

I went op shopping yesterday and had a little luck. I found a few things for a swap I’m doing with Amy, a hand knit blanket, some books for Aesop, some kitchen bits and pieces, some fabric and some records.
I mostly bought the records for their covers which I’m going to chop up and hopefully frame.
Don’t you think the picture above looks like some hip and swanky print you’d find on Etsy or somewhere? (Maybe not, but I did.. hah) well it’s actually a really old record cover I scored for a dollar, and a black frame I got on special and the warehouse : ) I’m so pleased with it.
April08fabric April08recordcovers_2


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OOOh Im intrigued what it is you bought for this awesome ‘Amy’ person…hehehehe

Comment by Amy

Great idea with the record covers! You did a fab job with framing that pink one, looks lovely!

Comment by Jo

LOVE the way you framed the record cover! Absolutely looks like something from Etsy, go you! Great to have you back! Your posts are always to interesting and thoughtful 🙂

Comment by Tash

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