April 25, 2008, 6:47 pm
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I scored these two gorgeous cardis this week at the op shop, brand new with tags! They’re by my favourite ever cardigan makers Glengyle. They’re 100% pure virgin lambswool (aren’t all lambs virgin?) and they’re made in New Zealand which is awesomely awesome. I have quite a number of cardis by these fantastic people now, after inheriting some from my nana when she passed. So good, I really recommend them.
I recently went on a bit of shopping spree and bought a few ‘new’ things for Winter (plain black cardi, plain black skirt etc.. basics.) and from now on I’ve decided I’m going to try and only buy things which will see me through the first few months of a pregnancy. No, no I’m not pregnant yet but I’m doing some positive thinking (or is it wishful thinking?) and hoping that it’s not going to take us too long to conceive and I don’t really want to be left with a whole bunch of stuff I can’t wear until afterwards.
It’s been talked about a fair bit in the blogging realm lately, how lacking in style the current maternity scene is. Since the ever-lovely Tricia became pregnant she has been looking into it and is working on changing this and I love that. (and I love this new flickr group!)
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I, for one, was hideously style-challenged during my terms. I was as big as a house and dressed accordingly. I think alot of it has to do with the lack of motivation during pregnancy, the tiredness and the generally feeling huge, bloated and gross. But I’ve made a solemn promise to myself that should we have some luck and fall pregnant again, that I’ll not resort to wearing the same full stretch yoga pants and tshirts everyday, but will endeavour to make and buy things which will result in me still looking as good as ever. Any thoughts ladies? What did you/would you wear (or what are you wearing?) and what would you do differently?


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I like the red cardi 🙂
we are going to a fancy dress 21st in July and I have brought my clothes escept I was thinking the other day I need a cardi as it will be cooler then

Comment by jen

you werent looking too shabby in these pics, m’dear!!

Comment by Amy

wat mooi! ik vond je eigenlijk heel mooi toen je zwanger met aesop was. ik vind kleren heel moelijk met de buik, beide twee keer probeerte ik niet zo veel aan mijn uiterlijk te denken.. maar dat is ook niet leuk. volgende keer (dat hopelijk nog komt) wil ik meer kleren zelf probieren maken, tenminste rokken! een mooi rokje maakt me altijd voel beter en mooier :).


Comment by anuriitta

Okay, so do you speak swedish?

Love the cardis – my gran used to wear cradies like that too – I’d love to have a stash of my own – I always feel like I wear the same one all the time….

When you get pregnant again, I’ll make you a pair of pants that I used to make and sell when I had my clothing line – they’re adjustable, to accomodate the growing belly, and they look great even if you’re not pregnant – I lived in them for about five years straight – so let me know when you get that bun in the oven and I’ll make a pair especially for you! I’ve been thinking about making them to sell again, so you can be my product tester!

Leah xxx

Comment by Hyena In Petticoats

If I ever got preggers, I’d want to wear clothes like Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby. She had some seriously cute dresses that managed to shy away from muumuus and instead looked great.

p.s. cute cardigans!

Comment by caitlin

Heya, I’m 20 weeks pregnant with #2 🙂
Here is a link I found on craftster to convert your old jeans
I made some and wear them all the time (need to make some more now :))

Comment by Kat

I highly recommend dresses! I lived in about 5 dresses while I was pregnant with number one, and plan on doing the same for number two. Usually I wouldn’t go near simple stretch dresses because they show all my lumps and bumps, but the beauty of having an enormous belly means the rest of me looks teeny tiny so I can get away it.

Comment by Megan Rose

Those cardis are great 🙂

Comment by belinda

wow you really through me for a loop I thought, SHE”S PREGGERS AND BEEN HIDING IT!!!!!!!! note to self read post as well as look at pictures.

Comment by kimberlee

Thanks Kat for the make your own preggie jeans recipe! I’m 14 weeks and feel like a big whale already and I can’t seem to find anything that fits me comfortably!

Comment by Mellopuffy

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