April 29, 2008, 9:44 am
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Abraham turned 26 yesterday!
In the seven years I’ve known Abraham we’ve been through a lot.
We’ve separated and gotten back together multiple times, we’ve shared some pretty intense tears and some incredible laughs, we’ve been through thickness,through thinness, through sickness, through poorness and through health ( although we’re still waiting on the wealth…)
Abraham has stuck by me through the times where I was so close to not even sticking by myself and he’s forgiven me for things I will never forgive myself for. He’s given more back massages than most masseurs, he’s mopped up after me, held the bowl and dabbed my brow, he’s given into my (usually bad) dvd choices, put up with my whiney folk music, educated me in the world of hiphop, gotten used to my eccentric style and obsessive thrifting, learned to put up with my parents (who are lovely, but rather complicated) and always told me I’m beautiful no matter how large my bottom was.
Oh, and did I mention he’s the most amazing Dad? From the moment he caught that child he’s been besotted. And the feeling is very mutual.
He is (you are) my soulmate and the most incredibly human being I’ve ever met and I’m so very blessed to have you.
Happy Birthday baby!


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You are very blessed indeed.

Comment by Kim

Thats the nicest birthday message ive ever read for someone.

Comment by Amy

Happy Birthday Abraham
hope its a good one

bless you R that was lovely

Comment by jen

Haaaaaappy Birthday Rockin’ Abraham.

Sounds like that Rhiannon girl is pretty smitten. Awesome.

Glad you guys are still feeling the love.


Comment by Nikki

Thank you so much babycakes. That was beautiful.
Thank you for making it so effortless to love you. You and Aesop are my world.

Thank you to everyone for their lovely comments. I had planned for a very low-key birthday and ended up having an awesome time and got spoilt to bits. Your comments mean a lot 🙂

Have a good day Toast fans!

Comment by abraham

Congrats Abraham. Sweet celebrating together!
X Lies

Comment by Lies

Congrats Abraham. Sweet celebrating together!
X Lies

Comment by Lies

Hi, i accidently came accros your blog. I looked at Tiny happy’s reads, and felt drawn to your blog name. Firts of all i want to say that you are very talented, in the craft, sewing and designing departement. But then i read these lines you wrote about your man. I am very moved by them. It is one of the most wonderful combinations of words to express your love for someone. Very inspiring!!!

Comment by Leililaloo

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