May 1, 2008, 5:07 pm
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Pretending that the last post was yesterday’s (because I wrote it yesterday, just didn’t have the pictures taken to put with it) here’s my post for today! Because I’ve not written for a little while I have a whole lot of photos about different things, so if you’ll allow me I’m going to mostly just show off some pictures and explain them rather than write anything much..



On Tuesday night we had out little birthday celebration for Abraham. I made vegetarian spring rolls (his favourite!) and sourcream lemon cake with crunchy lemon topping (which was so nice I would have eaten all the leftovers the next day, had Abraham not reminded me I’m trying to be good), then when Aesop had gone to bed we watched a dvd (American gangster, which I found pretty ho-hum) and sat in bed nattering and laughing. It was a really nice birthday, and I think Abraham enjoyed it too. Thank you all for your birthday wishes and kind words!

Dsc02440 Dsc02441


I had some gorgeous mail today from a very sweet lady named Lyndie who works as a visual merchandiser in a big dept store. Lyndie wrote me an e-mail a week ago asking if she could send me a parcel (how could one refuse a parcel? heh) and we’ve been e-mailling back and fourth. She’s ever-so-sweet and oh my was the parcel good! It had the fabric, which is all embroidered or shiny and lovely, a whole lot of fake flowers, a gorgeous little dress form, a ball for Aesop, make-up samples, jandals, a gorgeous photo montage of her little family, and even some chocolate for Abraham! I am totally blown away. Thank you Lyndie x



I picked up these brooches at the op shop today. I gasped out loud when I saw the cat one. It doesn’t look like much in the photo, but it’s big, it’s wooden and well, it’s a grey, white and green cat! How often do you see one of those? The pearly one is really old, it looks hand crafted and the base bit is all copper. And the bird is hand crafted too, I love the little shell detail under the chin.

Phew! Did anyone last through all of that? I think that’ll do me for today, see you tomorrow loves.


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can you send A to write notes in my fridge?

Comment by kimberlee

yum spring rolls

nice fabric and I like that dress form
bless Lyndie

pretty brooches I have a friend who makes cat brooches

Comment by jen

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