May 2, 2008, 9:35 am
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Anyone who knows me knows that I go on and on and on about how much I despise people buying vintage things to sell online. I’m sorry, but it’s true. I’m really sad about the fact that op shopping is a dying trend, and as close minded as it is, to me it’s almost on par with global warming for me. I’m terrified that my absolutely favourite hobby, that I’ve been doing at least once a week for the last ten years is slowly but surely coming to a close. and most of this has to do with our dear friend the ‘net.
But you know what? You have to move with the times. So the last few months I’ve been slowly building a pile of clothes, some retro, some vintage and some just not wanted, ready to list on Nz’s equivalent to Ebay, Trademe .
I didn’t want to be one of those people who has blatantly bought things just to sell (I haven’t by the way,  this is all stuff I bought for myself or was given when my friend moved..) and price them really high so everything is starting under $5.
I spent yesterday taking some photos and listing the first batch (23 items.. I have at least that many again to do in the next little while.) and I’d forgotten how long that listing process takes. Phew.

My heart is still a little unsure about the whole thing and I feel a little like a traitor to my beloved oppies, but that said, these clothes might just pay off a big chunk of my remaining debt, and we all know that money is more important than ethics, right?


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they are all lovely but alas all too small for me
all the best selling them
be good if they do pay off that debt

Comment by jen

I sometimes buy things at Op shops to give to people (I gues sthat makes me cheap)! what I really hate is epopel getting things off freecycle and then selling them on trademe. In fact it put me off freecycle a lot for a while.

Comment by moonmidwife

I don’t think there is anything wrong with you selling thrifted stuff! I do think its terrible when you go into a trendy shop and see a second hand coat for $40 – $100 – the fun of second hand stuff should be that it gives opportunity to people that usually couldn’t afford stuff, things shouldn’t be that dear! I went into a second hand bookshop today and found a book that I bought on Trademe for $1 for $60! yikes!
You have a flair for style (I LOVE that avon lady style jacket, hehe) and you might as well monopolize on it to some degree. If you don’t buy the stuff, someone else will probably buy them in bulk and not even think about lovely descriptions and photographing/displaying them so nicely. I would love to buy something but I am a bit of a pie (!!) but I hope you can make a bit of moolah 🙂

Comment by belinda

Don’t be so hard on yourself! In fact, I think you’re doing others a huge favor. I am one of those people who live in a very small city without a thrift shop and am not able to find great things like these. In order for me to get to one…… I have to drive at least 45 minutes and there’s ususally nothing to find once getting there.

Give yourself a pat on the back for providing others with your vintage findings! I think it’s great!

Comment by Judi

Nah, there’s no shame in selling them on trademe, it’s just a different outlet. Some people can’t “see” the good stuff in op shops, but you can, so selling them one by one to people who like to buy online is just sharing the love around. Good on you, I hope you get a get a good wee chunk’o’moolah for them.

Comment by Miss Smith

You’ve listed some really cool things there… and I don’t think you should feel the least bit guilty about making a bit of money to help with the HP. It’s another skill you have, finding the good stuff at opshops and it’s almost doing the public a favour to pass them on! I love that you’re doing it for reasonable prices too… there are a series of books I love and it took me ages to collect the whole series but when I see these books I still buy them because I know there are people out there who want them too. I list them on trademe at the same price I bought them for, sort-of like a public service!

Comment by Pauline

i have struggled with the same conumdrum for a while.Still dont know really where i sit.I like the public service bit, that could work!And if it pays the bills, go for it!

Comment by fiona

I think the idea of recycling is respected when you sell nice op-shop-finds on. As long as you don’t get too ‘sharky’ (honestly, some of these internet-vintage-shops, man) with prices and leave it up to others to bid what they can afford (Trade me is quite fair like that), I see no prob!
GOOOOOOOOOD luck girl!

Comment by Lies

I’ve always thought buying stuff on ebay was cheating too.

Comment by meg

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