May 6, 2008, 4:31 pm
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You know what’s cool? Twins. The idea weirds me out quite alot, like the actual physical workings especially for identical twins, but can you imagine how neat it must be to have someone so similar to you? Well, I’m not a twin (but it would be a good surprise if I was, huh? You wouldn’t have seen that coming!) but I’ve recently met someone who is almost spookily similar to me in so, so many ways.
Back when I lived in Nelson I’d often be in town and see a girl who looked a lot like me. She was a slightly slimmer and much stylier version of how I saw myself. I would always stand there in awe of her and her styley art school friends wishing Id somehow find a reason to have to talk to them ( a little stalkery I know.). Then other people started noticing she looked like me too and I realised it wasn’t all in my head! I used to call her ‘hot twin’.
A few weeks ago I posted a picture of me trying to fit into my too small jeans, in hopes it would help my weightloss efforts (hmm.. not so much) and got lots of delightful comments and offers of slimming buddies and support. One of the commentors said she lived in Nelson, and we messaged back and fourth to figure out how we could help each other out. Then I looked through her pictures and realised she looked familiar and she e-mailed and said that her and her art school friends used to think I was really styley! Oh my goodness! It was in true crazy-fate fashion, ‘hot twin’!
After multiple e-mails (and not much weight loss so far.. but we’re trying.. hah) it turns out we have a very crazy amount in common and we’re well on our way to being fantastical friends. Isn’t it weird how life works out? If I had followed through with my art school enrolment ( I was accepted, but decided to do something else) we would have been on the same course and would have met about 4 years ago, but somehow fate still managed to get us to together!




Okay, enough gushing. The reason I’m sharing this lovely story (other than it just being lovely) is because Amy and I decided to do an op shop swap recently. So I got together a huge box of things for her, and she in return sent me a big box of loveliness.
I woke up late the morning it arrived, and was stumbling around the house getting breakfast and pottering around when someone knocked at the door. So after showing the courier lady exactly how wild my hair looks in the morning and how scungey my dressing gown is,I took my sweetly wrapped parcel and ran, jumped on my bed and opened it up with Abraham and Aesop watching.
It contained an awesome brown vinyl camera bag, lots of adorable cross-stitched brooches, a lovely wee zip pouch, some retro jewellery, loads of vintage linen and doilies, some ribbing and fabric, a sweet skirt and belt, some homemade cards and my favourite of all, a wee map-jigsaw brooch featuring my home town! Awww. Thank you so, so much Amy! I can’t wait for you to get mine and I hope you like it as much as I like mine. Thanks for being my hot doppelganger friend and my weightloss buddy. (we’ll get there…) Eeee love!


Dsc02458 Dsc02457


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Im so glad you liked it all. its so weird to see that stuff at your house…your photography makes it look so nice!!

Comment by Amy

How totally cool, i love it when stuff like that happens. Looks like a great loot haul too.

Comment by Jo

yippee! great post, and what amazing stuff! i especially like that jigsaw-puzzle-brooch. clever girl!

Comment by melissa

Gosh what a cool story! And it ends (or should I say goes on) even better! Fun swap things there. Good on you twins!

Comment by Lies

Woah, Amy is awesome! And totally hot if she looks anything like you 😉
Great stuff – would love to see Amy’s haul too. Go on Amy – blog. You know you wanna!

Comment by Nikki

‘hot twin’


I totally wish I had a twin. “do you think she looks like me?” is a question I ask a lot, so be glad you have found her.

still looking

Comment by kimberlee

‘hot twin’


I totally wish I had a twin. “do you think she looks like me?” is a question I ask a lot, so be glad you have found her.

still looking

Comment by kimberlee

i love that brooch so much. super awesome. and the helicopter badge.


Comment by abraham

oh, marvelous – all of it. I met a German woman about 19years ago who looked like me – it was amazing. Same curly hair, same shaped face, same colouring, same specs….amazing.

Hey, I tried on my cool dolce and gabana black jeans from last winter and I can’t do them up!!! eek! No more chocolate or pastry. No more soy lattes and no more sweets. Actually I decided I will give the jeans to a thrift store so I don’t have a constant reminded to feel so bad about myself.

Hey agaim I’m getting a new tattoo tomorrows. I can’t wait.

love to you

Comment by Rachael

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