May 7, 2008, 11:06 pm
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This week is just flying by, with very little productivity and thus very little to really show for myself.
But like usual, I do have a whole hoard of op shop treasures to boast about. (what can I say, the higher powers of thrift have been good to me lately..) So without further ado, I bring you the last two days worth of op shopping (from just two op shops too!):

Dsc02560 Dsc02561 Dsc02562

That dress looks a hundred times better in real life. It’s that lovely heavy lycra type fabric that just drapes perfectly and feels like you’re just wearing a t-shirt. And it’s all gathered at the front (perfect for hopefully expending bellies of the future) and you want to know the absolute best bit?  It’s a dress by George, an Australian designer label that makes mostly evening dresses and graces the pages of such magazines as vogue etc and it still had the swingtag and price label on it!! I almost fell over when I saw three digits. And it’s all mine oh mine for a mere $6.
The rain coat is because I have never been able to find one that I like and that doesn’t make me feel like I’m wearing on of those bright yellow plastic ponchos. This one even has a hood! and the jumper I actually bought for Aesop when he’s bigger, good luck to me trying to get him to wear it though, I doubt it will be ‘trendy’ enough by the time it fits him.


Op shop shoes! I have NEVER ever ever bought a pair of shoes at the op shop before (although I did once find a pair of roller skates..). When you have giant feet such as mine it’s a rare occasion to find any thin other than hideous manlike sandals or the odd stinky sneaker. These shoes look a little retro, but they’re actually from the no1 shoe warehouse this past summer! They’ve got a heel so I won’t get to wear them much, but at least now I can finally say I got some hot shoes second hand!

Dsc02570 Dsc02566 Dsc02567

I got this wee celluloid doll, and another, for a a mere one dollar. Sure she’s got a wee crack on her face, and her clothes are a tad faded but seriously, who could resist the sweet woolly hair, the handmade blouse with crochet collar, the mini bloomers and those amazing shiny black legs. So sweet!

Dsc02571 Dsc02573

And the jewel? This, my friends, is a vintage ironing board. But wait! There’s more. It’s also a step ladder aaaand a seat. How genius, and how beautiful too. I saw one of these in someone’s flickr photos recently (which I of course cannot find again..) and when I saw this yesterday I knew it was meant to be mine, even if I did have to lug it all the way home! ha ha.

So yes, good week for op shopping, a bit slow on the sewing front, and very slow on all other fronts. I’m okay with it though, taking things as they come this week. I’m sure they’ll be completely different next week again.


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That ironing board is fantastic!! What a score!

Comment by Nichola

Oh my goodness that ironing board is just crazy fabulous! It is certainly an amazing find and know that if you ever must part with it, it would have a loving home here in Nelson ;-p

Comment by Kirsty

How cool is that ironing board? My step-Dad is a good woodworker – I wonder if I can get him to make me one!

Comment by Louise

You have had some keen opshopping luck lately! Go girl!

Comment by Helen

Oh my. I have serious ironing board envy. If I had one that cool I might even consider doing some ironing.

Comment by Miss Smith

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