May 9, 2008, 4:15 pm
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These were taken last weekend, but they really sum up how I feel this afternoon.
All this dark, grey and wet weather tires me out somehow. It’s very draining.
Perhaps that has something to do with how little I seem to be achieving at the moment?
I’ve been going to bed early without doing any sewing, I’ve washed the same load of washing at least three times (we don’t have a dryer…) and I’ve tried a dozen times to take half decent photos for Etsy to no avail. The only thing I do seem to succeed at this week is sitting on my bottom in front of the computer.
I triple, quadruple dare you all to post a link for me.
A link to something so inspiring that I jump out of my chair and run to the studio.
It can be any sort of thing, a news article about something sweet (like this ), a photograph of something beautiful (like this or this or this) or maybe a list if songs that will make my heart sing (like this ).
And what do you get out if this? Well, other than feeling like you’re helping out a damsel in distress, you can rest assured that as soon as this bloomin’ rain clears I will be posting up a huge batch of flower brooches on my etsy site and I’ll be snapping up pictures left right and centre of other things to ramble about on here! Lucky you! haha.


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I come offering sympathy but no fancy linkage. Here in Melbourne it is equally grey but without the rain. And my washing is trying to dry in the lounge room much to my annoyance. There is no way to make wet washing attractive. We also have no dryer, by choice though because they use way too much electricity. Wasting time on the computer, looking at other people’s productivity is so much easier than doing anything yourself! But now I have to move to pick up my littlest one from childcare. Hope your mood improves soon!

Comment by Amanda

Here’s one from my list of things that are interesting on the internets:

It’s four in the morning. I am incapable of speech, let alone typing…..

love to you.

Leah xxx.

ps: LOVED that story about you and your new friend. VERY cute. Best story ever.

Comment by Hyena In Petticoats

This is heart melting cute:

Comment by Helen

Nothing cheers me up! See this site:

Comment by Miss Smith

Not sure this will make you run to the studio… but I like it 🙂

Comment by sarah

Aaah because there is no music yet… (And there should aways be some music!) I would like to give you this link: And aspecially the song “Always” is one I like a lot and makes me do at least something! 😉 And in case you dont like it, I bet there is some other live music on that website which you do like! 🙂

Comment by Jannie

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