May 15, 2008, 10:57 pm
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Seeing as I’ve been increasingly slack at this whole blogging thing I thought I would just do a bit of a picture post and show you some of the things which have brightened my week!
Last Saturday I drove to Tauranga (yes! I drove!) which is about an hour or so from here, to pick up this lovely little cabinet. I won the auction on trademe and we’d hoped that abraham’s Dad, who lives closer, could pick it up but I may have underestimated it’s size and it didn’t fit in his station wagon. So Abraham, Aesop, my mum and I went on a road trip and picked her up. Isn’t she lovely? Cheap as chips too! You can’t see in this picture but she also has little ornate handles and a lovely old key.


While in Tauranga we stopped off at the mall for a spot of shopping and some lunch.
As most of you know by now, I have huge feet. Did you also know I appear to have huge calves too? I’ve been looking for boots for almost three years now, to no avail. It seems the only boots made for women with large feet and substantial legs are ones with hideous large strips of elastic which make your legs look 100x larger, and still cost a few hundred dollars.
You can guess where this is leading.. I found some boots! I wasn’t really planning on spending a small fortune on footwear, but I also couldn’t leave them in the store! They’re a really good brand, and this photo does them no justice but they’re really, really nice. It sounds a little weird, and I don’t expect many of you to understand, but somehow owning boots makes me feel like more of a woman. More normal. I feel like I could conquer the world in these boots. It’s a feeling very hard to describe.
What else do I have to show? hmm..

Dsc02612 Dsc02513


I added a few things to my etsy tonight. Three hoodies, and loads of brooches. There’s a lot of vintage flower brooches and also a few stuffed mini applique brooches. I’m still waiting for the darned blind hemming foot so the cardis and skirts aren’t available yet, but they’re close. I’ve been buying some lovely sweatshirting lately and have great plans for more cardis, and lots more hoodies. I was going to make some summer things, but to be honest the sleeveless things hanging on the rack in my studio just make me feel cold. So I’ve decided to see if I can get rid of them. I’ve taken US$15 off the price (nz$20) of anything without sleeves (singlets and hoodies..) for the rest of the month in hopes they’ll find new homes and stop making me shiver!
It’s sort of in fitting with my trying to sell more locally as well, it’s hard work trying to please everyone when we’re in different seasons. So I’m going to stick to my own season mostly this Winter and see how I go. Fear not though, there’ll be bags and brooches galore which can be worn all year long, of course.
And finally..


All of our Monarch butterflies have hatched! Some of them didn’t make it through the rain we’ve had recently. We found half a dozen of them, soggy and lifeless, scattered on our front lawn which was really sad. But thankfully when the rain dried the trees were also scattered, with live butterflies drying their wings and preparing themselves for whatever adventures they were heading off on. It’s been so good to watch their little life cycle with Aesop, even though he’s not quite old enough to understand it completely. I hope we can do it all again next year!


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I wants that mixtape hoody soooooo badly…….

Dang the stupid budget – unfortunately the electricity bill comes first…. *sniff*

Congrats on the boots – and I understand completely about the Power of Shoes – I felt very rockin’ in my new high heeled oxfords the other night, until I pulled a Paris Hilton and tripped over in the supermarket….. la la la la la…..


Comment by Hyena In Petticoats

Woohoo that cabinet is super. And good thing you went to get it as you bumped into the boots of your life. Good luck with the sleeveless sale. Lovely stuff you make!

Comment by Lies

that cabinet and your boots are nice 🙂

Comment by jen

Your brooches are truly stunning. They make me smile.

Comment by Ann Marie Holt

Your brooches are truly stunning. They make me smile.

Comment by Ann Marie Holt

Ooo love those draws inside your cabinet, what is it about lots of little draws that makes me swoon?! Ans congratulations on the boots (and the driving!) 🙂

Comment by sarah

I completely understand the new boots feeling.

When I first bought my beautiful boots, I truly understood the power of the shoe. They make me strut. I stand taller, smile more, and actually think I am more powerful, and more kick ass than in any other shoes.

Yay for boots!

Comment by Wegan

1. I LOVE THAT CABINET…would driven a million miles for it, good for you!!!
2. THOSE BOOTS!! Who is the creator of such beauty? I also have a well endowed set of calves…which means all the boots I do own are rarely worn (unless half zipped under jeans…sad I tell you)
3. I can’ tell you how many compliments I get on my new brooch, I can’t stop wearing it and people can’t stop looking at it and smiling!


Comment by jessica

I too would love to know the maker of the boots – they look very styley!

Comment by kielz

shot rhiannon! so good at visualising.

Comment by abraham

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