May 31, 2008, 6:50 pm
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Well, one sure way to tell it's been too long since you blogged is when the whole typepad format has changed in the time you were away! Sigh. I'm not going to make excuse though, because you know what? While you guys are completely great I started blogging mostly for myself so I guess that should mean if I haven't felt like blogging then I guess I shouldn't feel too bad about it. I don't want to end up resenting this blog afterall, it's meant to be fun.
Either way, I've been too busy living. You know, work, a little bit (not enough) of sewing, playing games with Aesop and generally pottering around. We've been working on the whole family expansion project, eating far too much nice food (tummy expansion project?), and preparing for what promises to be an exciting second half of this year.
I resigned from my job last weekend. I know, it's kind of nutty to give notice before finding something else to do, but I figure something will come up. I only want two days a week and I'm not too picky about what I do. So please keep your fingers and little toes crossed that something nice comes up for me! I'm going to hand around my (very minimal, and yet to be made) cv to the local cafes etc and think positive thoughts. All else failing I'll erm, start selling body parts or something. ha.


(is it just me or do these images look blurry now? oh, and I haven't vacuumed. sorry!)
Abraham on the other hand has finished his job this week in preparation for the beginning of his new one next week! He's been buying fancy new shirts, shoes and pairs of pants ready for his move up the corporate ladder and I'm so very proud of him. He's going places that boy, and I'm stoked to say I'll be right beside him.


I must confess that I very rarely buy things from Etsy (You could count the number of times on one hand!) and I feel really bad about that. The international postage usually really puts me off (I'm such a hypocrite, aren't I?) and to be honest there are rarely things, which I can afford, that I truly fall in love with. I'm easily over whelmed when it comes to masses of things to choose from too which doesn't help. (Neither does a particularly bad experience with my first Etsy purchase.. but that's a story for another day.)
But I did recently buy a top from replicca. It arrived today and I'm in love. This girl is insanely talented, has really reasonable prices and is friendly to boot. I'll be buying many more things from her, and I reccommend you do too.
Speaking of Etsy, I've had some really lovely feedback from buyers recently, including a link to this adorable video of a super sweet (and very, very pretty!) lady who bought one of my flower brooches. She wore it to do her podcast, and while I have no idea what they're saying, it definitely suits her. Thanks!

Okay, no promises but I hope to be back in the next few days. x


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all the best for finding a new job

and all the best to Abraham on his new job

Comment by jen

LOVE the new top!!! Are you wearing the jeans-that-didn’t-fit??

Comment by Amy

That top is lovely 🙂 I too must admit that I spend more time browsing etsy than buying (for mostly the same reasons!) but its good for inspiration (procrastination…) isn’t it…

Good look with the family expansion project, sounds fun 🙂

Comment by sarah

Oh, and I was going to say as well, you’re right that you do this blog for you, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about posting exactly when you want 🙂

Comment by sarah

What Sarah said! Don’t let the pressure get ya down. Let blogging be cathartic and not depressing.

Love the top – Abraham looks very smart – and Aesop is a cutie as usual.

Comment by Nikki

Good luck with the job hunting, it’s hard work but something always comes up. Go Abraham, he’s looking very dapper in his new clothes! And your new top is very groovy. Great to have an update on where you guys are at.

Comment by kirsty

Your. Blog. Is. So. CUTE!!!!

And the Typepad redesign kind of bothered me 🙂 Those lines underneath the pictures…what are those?! 🙂

Comment by rebekka

honey no worries, we all know how it goes with the busy life and not always wanting to blog. we’ll take you when we can get you.

what is abraham’s job? I am really curious about this.

now the ‘golden eyelashes’ are really just the reflected lights of the home improvement store I was in. those really awful overhead floros and then some spotlights were reflecting off the lenses.

if I could have golden eyelashes without glues and synthetic materials pasted to my face, I would. I sometimes use the blue mascara and am now wishing I had more colours.


Comment by kimberlee

Come baaaccckkkkkkk. You are missed 🙂

Comment by kielz

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