This Winter is getting me down..
August 4, 2008, 3:59 am
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Well, welcome to my new, free, blog! I decided to take all of your wise advice (and be thoroughly flattered that anyone would care about my internet presence) and sign up for wordpress. It’s taken me a few days to get my blog looking okay, and to get the gist of how it works, and I can promise it’ll take me quite awhile to get to the point where I know how to work all these picture and link things without too many errors, but here we are!

I’m in one of those Winter ruts at the moment. I have been for the last few weeks. You know the ones, where you don’t want to do anything but laze around, and the even the thought of crafting/housework/anything that involves any effort turns you right off. I must confess, I may also have been a bit of a sad sack and a hugely grumpy cow too. (Sorry Abraham!). I’m not sure what it is about Winter, but something about these dark evenings and the never ending cold and rain just manages to bring everyone down a few notches.
So I don’t have much crafting to show you, and to be honest I don’t even have any photos to show you because the lighting is terrible, Aesop moves too much and well, I’m a big heffalump.

I do, on the other hand, have a whole lot of wedding organising and inspiration to share with you. I’ve been collecting pictures to try and get an idea of what I/we want the wedding to look and be like, so I thought I might share some of them with you and see what you think. Unfortunately I can’t remember where they’re all from (though many of them are from Snippet and ink, which is an amazing wedding blog.) so pretty please let me know if any of them are yours so I can give you credit!

Things I know so far:
The wedding will be held in a friends garden. She lives out in the country and has a huge section, and we’ll be getting married under a huge 80+ year old Totara tree.
We will have a marquee on the front part of her section. Due to restricted finances the marquee won’t be a huge fancy white one, but it will be a marquee and it will be lovely on the inside. A lot of people argued we should just save our money and have the reception in a hall, but the marquee is a huge part of our ‘vision’ so I’m very, very happy we’ve found a way to do it affordably.
Our colours will be bright yellow, brown and white. The bridesmaids are wearing canary yellow, Abraham will be wearing brown and white and I, well, I’ll be wearing one or more of the colours (Abraham reads my blog so alas, you’ll all have to wait for the day to find out what I’m wearing!). The chairs and the table clothes will be white. I’m hoping to have yellow lanterns, brown doilies, yellow flowers in glass preserving jars, yellow plates, and wooden utensils.
All of our plates/utensils/cups etc will be biodegradable and we will compost them all underneath a tree. We’re not really ‘greeny’ people, but when you can compost the whole wedding meal in the garden for less $$ than renting plates etc there’s not much argument. Plus, no-one will have to wash them, and we won’t have to pay for breakages!
My flowers will be pretty simple, and yellow. The bridesmaids will be either yellow or yellow and white, also really simple.

You know what we haven’t decided on yet? Probably the thing we should have already sorted, made and sent.. the invites. We can’t agree on a design, the guy who was going to do them can’t anymore and we’re running out of time a little. I really like this design but I can’t get it to look quite right. And I’d also be happy with simple light yellow writing on brown background (like a business card) but I can’t find a font we both like. Any suggestions? Oh, and we don’t need a map included with the details, aye? Are maps really necessary?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I’ve been trying to upload some shows for you ladies, but so far it’s only 57% done and it’s been loading for two hours, so I fear that might be tomorrows post. I’ll look fwd to sharing it with you though, and thanks for following me across the web to my new home : )


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Cool! Document the wedding planning!

I’ve lost the blogging mojo too (my posts are crap.) so I’m all for parading other people’s fab photos and design work. ha.

Maps: not necessary. If people can’t look up the address on prior to coming then that’s their problem, not yours.

Font? I’m liking Bodoni at the moment. Have you downloaded any font packs? You can get extra free ones on the net if you need any more fonts to trawl through.

Love the whole sound of the wedding. You guys rock!

Comment by Nikki

Aww fun!!! It sounds lovely.

I wanted my bridesmaids to be dressed as Ninjas, but we ended up eloping instead. I think yours will be happier in yellow…


Comment by Martha

So glad that you decided to keep up the blogging! I kept checking everyday to see if you’d posted anything new. Good luck with the wedding planning, the color scheme and everything else sounds lovely.

Comment by Kelly

Great! I’m stoked you kept blogging too. Your wedding sounds great. How about Calibri for a font? And I’d recommend brown text on yellow – sorry to be a nanna but it will be HEAPS easier to read.

Comment by tomandemma

like the new blog
especially the banner

cheer up I do believe Spring is on the way

love your wedding ideas all the best
I love the fact that your going to have your wedding the tree
and the marquee
when are you getting married – hope it will be summer time

Comment by my3boysandi

this is so very exciting

maybe if you are looking for invitation inspiration you could find a designer on etsy

it shouldn’t be too expensive but might be just the trick

and you’ll need to have someone take camera phone photos and upload them to flickr so we can see your beautiful dress on the day 😀

Comment by sue

hihii :)! wat mooie plannen! dat word een heele mooie feesje voor jullie, denk ik.
ik ben heel blij dat je een nieuwe lieve blog hebt :)! kussjes**


Comment by anuriitta

Yay! Pleased you decided to continue blogging. Like the sound of the wedding so far. We got married outside too – in a grove of huge trees in the forest in Rotorua – but our reception was inside at another venue. I love the idea of a marquee at the same venue. And the colour scheme sounds rad!

Comment by Louise

Hi there, I came across your blog via tinyhappy’s blog, and I’m so glad I did. A wedding – how exciting! I got married twice in the last year: one wedding in London, and one on the beach in the Coromandel. To the same man, I hasten to add! Anyway, I just thought I’d delurk and say hello, and good luck with all the planning.

Comment by Calypso

I only just discovered your blog recently, so I am really glad you have decided to continue! It’s such a lovely read, and so nice to have contact with home!

I love all your wedding ideas! We had preserving jars on our tables too, although for candles along with teacups. The colour scheme sounds so nice, airy and bright. Love it!

As for invites, I LOVE the one you’ve got on your flickr. Love, love it. My husband designed ours, which had a really nice font so I’ll ask him what he used and let you know. Maps….we had one, but mostly because alot of our guests had come over to Canada from NZ, and really I think people figure it out themselves anyway.

Have fun planning! We did ours all ourselves, and while it was a bit of work Im so glad we got to have the day we wanted. Let me know if you need any more tips!

Comment by Becka

oh darling, so nice to see you and so happy that you decided to keep on with the blog.

I love simple weddings. I think they end up being the most pretty and heartfelt. Love doewsn’t need lotsa dollars right?

Can I say?…The mood swings continue. Dear Sage, 11, is soooooo moody it’s like living with Jekyl ad Hyde. I don’t know what to expect or what response I might elicit on any given day. But we love them all the same because they are precious even when they’re all red in the face and hot under the collar.


Comment by rachael

So glad to see you back! 🙂

Comment by Kielz

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