Super moody!
August 5, 2008, 11:09 pm
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Aesop has turned into SUCH a boy lately.
He’s completely and utterly obsessed with everything superhero, everything fighting (ben10, dragon ball Z etc… thanks older cousins!) and everything guns. The superheroes I’m alright with (and he does looks pretty cute in his costumes), but the guns thing really bothers me (I think I’ve mentioned it before on here.) I guess boys will be boys in some ways, but being able to build an gun out of anything at all is not really a skill I hoped my three and a half year old would have.

You know what really gets me about this age though? The mood swings! This child can go from super sweet cuddly toddler to death-stare-angsty-thirteen-year-old-girl-mood at the drop of a hat. Anything I say that he doesn’t like gets met with either tantrum-like over the top crying, or ‘I’m NOT happy MAMA’ or ‘I’m VERY angry, you are NOT listening’. He storms off, hitting the wall on the way (which might I add he has not learned from either of us..) and huffs and puffs and rolls his eyes and pulls faces. Lots of times we sit there trying not to crack up at how dramatic it all is, but when he’s also not listening and not doing as he’s been told a million times then it’s very, very frustrating. Man, I hope this phase passes soon, I really wasn’t expecting moods this bad until at least 11! hahaha.

He’s been having a hard time with preschool lately too (or ‘work’ as we have to call it around here). A few of the other kids told him they don’t like him and won’t play with him. It really upset him and he’s getting better now but for a few weeks he woke up very work morning telling us he didn’t want to go.
The teachers were really good about it, and got straight onto it, but it’s so heart breaking to think that your kid isn’t liked by everyone. I didn’t/don’t make friends really easily and found school quite hard because of it and my heart aches to consider that Aesop might have the same issues. Everyone I’ve spoken to has said that as long as we build him up at home, and make him believe he really is awesome, then he should be able to handle it but that’s so much easier said than done.

Luckily he’s still pretty hilarious and very cute so he can get away with mischief and moods, and he’s got his one good friend at preschool who sticks by him so all will be okay. Even if my hairs turns grey and my frown lines get deeper by the day.

(Oh and I’m waiting for Abraham to help resize the radio files, because they were still trying to upload after 2.5hours! but in the meantime I loooove this Summer mix on, it might tide you over until I can get them sorted : )


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I feel ya. Mine is back to being truly demonic at the moment. Hastily implemented a sticker chart with rewards for not ignoring me listening. I haven’t decided what the reward for a full sticker chart is yet but I’d better get it sorted by the weekend! (She demanded a lollypop and a chocolate egg but somehow I don’t think so.)

And I think they all have the ‘I don’t like you’ phase at creche. Ain’t it horrible? Wish I could bubble wrap Han sometimes. It’s almost worse when they are the ones saying it though. How do you fix that?

Comment by Nikki

OOps. Not ignoring me was meant to have a strike through. Damn limited HTML.

Comment by Nikki

Your little boy is gorgeous. I love the second pic particularly – he looks so cool.

Comment by Calypso

Those pictures are ace, he looks like a real superhero in the top one 🙂
Congrats on the new blog, glad to see you decided to stay blogging, can’t wait to hear all about your wedding, how exciting!

Comment by sarah

Yay- glad you’re sticking around 🙂

Comment by becksybunny

he is beautiful, I have a little love gun I bet he would be into. Its has a love heart dangling from it and I tell my children friends that the bullets are made of love.

Comment by kimberlee

also I have finally gotten around to updating your link on my blog, hopefully it helps:)

happy monday!

Comment by kimberlee

Hello! I just thought I’d let you know that if you pop over to my blog (in amongst wedding planning, child rearing, sewing, etc) you can see the singlet I bought from you in all its Vancouver summer, gelato eating glory.

Hope you’re well!

Comment by Becka

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