April 24, 2009, 2:42 am
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A few new things in my Etsy shop this week.
They, like this return to blogging, have been awhile coming. But, hopefully, that means that there’s all the more for me to write about!
So for the few people who might still have me on their blog reader : hello!
And for to everyone else who happens to stumble accross my wee blog: Welcome!

It’s going to be so good to be back.


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Hey! How ya feeling? We need a baby-in-the-belly update 😀


Comment by Nikki

man that red bag is super sweet. you should do a record bag in it.

good to see you blogging again sweetcheeks.

Comment by abraham

thanks for stopping by. i accidentally deleted your comment – oops. but i have updated your blog address xx

Comment by kristy

Glad you’re back! I still had you in my reader, hoping you’d be back one day! How is your family?

Comment by Desiree

jeeeeei, ik heb jou heel erg veel gemist! kussjes*

Comment by anuriitta

Good to see you back here! I was hoping you’d resurface sometime and was stoked to see toastandcupcakes in bold in my bloglines. x

Comment by jasmine

heyyyy! Welcome back!!! Love the new items!

Comment by Cat

Hi I have no idea what a blog reader is but I always use to enjoy your perspective and stumbled back onto the fact you’re blogging again. Congratulations on your news.

Comment by Gill

Yay! You’re back! I kept you in my reader too, and was excited today when I checked it and there were a bunch of posts from you! I love keeping in touch with blogs back home in NZ and yours is one of my fav’s. Congrats on the pregnancy too! You will be fine, I promise:)

Comment by Joanna

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