April 25, 2009, 12:47 am
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Firstly, thank you for such a warm welcome back! I had no idea so many people would still have me in their blog readers! I’m honoured!

Things in our house are looking decidedly big at the moment.

Aesop celebrated his fourth birthday last month, much to my shock. I mean, really, it shouldn’t of been such a surprise, it has been four years since he was born, but by golly it doesn’t feel like that long. And I sure as heck don’t feel old enough to have a boy who is only one year off school!
He is over a metre tall and acts every bit his age. Both in the sense that he’s struggling with the hormone boost that arrives at four, and also in the sense that he’s interested in everything and comes up with multitudes of hilarious questions and comments on every subject you can imagine.
He has had many weeks lately where he pushes his boundaries right to the limit, causing plenty of time on the ‘naughty seat’ and plenty of gaps on his sticker chart. The sight of Aesop scowling and standing in the corner with his arms crossed in not uncommon at the moment. ‘ No! I won’t!’ and  ‘I’m very, very angry and I’m never going to be happy again’ aren’t uncommon things to hear either.
But he balances these beautifully with hysterical laughter caused by completely unfunny jokes, his never ending knowledge on topics I would never have imagined he knew about and questions that only a four year old could come out with. And while he might talk non-stop about ‘boy’ things like Star wars and Ben10 but it’s all worth it for the soppy loving hugs he slathers on us.
A lot of Aesop’s questions at the moment relate to babies and birth. He’s having a little brother soon, you see.
We made a calender to count down to the wee ones arrival after a few months of being asked daily ‘Is it June today?’ and I couldn’t count the number of times we’ve read the ‘Where do babies come from?’ book. He’s already picking out the toys he wants to share and the ones that ‘aren’t for eating’ and he is often seen sporting a soft toy in a sling. It’s safe to say he is pretttttty excited.

I’m excited too.
I’m must confess, I’m a wee bit nervous about how it’s all going to play out, and how exactly I’m going to cope with having two small people to look after though. After four years of just having one other person to run around after it’s going to be a huge adjustment for all of us.
And I can’t help feeling a little like we’re going back to step one. We’ve worked through so many phases with Aesop, and have finally reached a stage where he can do the majority of things for himself and we can finally spend some time doing things we enjoy while he occupies himself. It’s a scary thought to think that our afternoons of me sewing and Aesop quietly playing Lego in his room are about to be all over rover.
It’s also a wee bit frightening when I realise how many things I have/had forgotten about pregnancy and newborns. I had forgotten all about the extreme indigestion, the intensely achy pubic bones and just how hard it is to sleep in the last few months of pregnancy. I’m very worried that I have also forgotten quite how to handle, bath and deal with a screaming infant. I’m sort of counting on the old saying that it’s ‘like riding a bike’ and will all come flowing back to me as the child flows out. (It does, right??)

So all in all, our household is gearing up for a very exciting/scary/wonderful time in the next few months.
I’m trying to be realistic and I’m definitely expecting days where I want to hide under the covers, but I’m also hoping for some days where I  have time to float on air thinking about how blessed I am to have such a beautiful family. Because really, with a wonderful husband, a delightfully clever and funny son and a bump so big I can barely see my toes, right now I already feel like one of the luckiest people in the world.


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I reckon those things do have to be re-learnt but it happens so quickly with the second bub, and it’s without the fear that you’re going to break the baby coz you have done it before. Heaps of fun. Exciting times!

Comment by jasmine

Yey! Good to have you back! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly and can’t wait to see the new little one!

Comment by Kimberley

ik weet dat het heel mooi voor jullie word, leven met twee kleintjes :). haha, tilda vraagt ook bijna elke dag wanneer ik weer een baby in mijn buik heb en hoe groot gaat de buik dan worden! mmm, zeker nog niet, ik ben nu zo blij dat maisa geen echte baby meer is, leven is nu veelveel makkelijker :). maar twee hebben, dat is wel heel mooi! ik ben zo blij voor jullie!

Comment by anuriitta

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