April 26, 2009, 9:16 pm
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I’m one of those people who has an account with just about every online craft, parenting or networking site you can imagine. It always seems like a good idea to join and more often than not I never even return to the site after the initial visit. I’m starting to think my gullible-ness is causing me to be way, way too accessible online.
I have profiles on, facebook, bebo, and who knows how many others that I have joined and then forgotten.
Networking sites sort of make sense to me though. I mean, you make a profile and then you get to find, and nosy at information and photos of, people you wouldn’t usually be in contact with or people you haven’t seen for years. You can show them (a very limited and selective) account of what you’re doing in life and even join groups to show people what awesome things you’re into. It appeals to the nosey parker in me.
But then there’s Twitter.
I always swore I would never join Twitter, but me being me it didn’t take Abraham long to convince me to join. He told me it would be good for business. Pah. I don’t get Twitter. You don’t get to nosey at people’s photos, you can only write a really small bio so you don’t really find out about anyone and how much can you really say in one hundred and forty characters? Plus, it’s reallly hard to find anyone.

Someone shed a light, please? Or have I just become the latest victim of yet another fairly pointless internet fad? Does anyone else have a hopelessly large list of websites they belong to for no partiular reason?

(oh, and I’m sorry for the lack of new pictures, the weather has been awful. I hoped this linked in enough. Twitter.. bird.. yeah..)


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I belong to ravelry and I can’t even knit. God knows where else I have joined and forgotten. I tried Twitter but don’t get it. Like I want everyone to know everything about me.

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