Baby things part 1: Made.
April 28, 2009, 9:31 pm
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So, last time I was pregnant I had a big long list of things I ‘needed’ for the new addition. Things like a cot, bedding, clothing, cloths, nappies etc. You know, essential stuff. It meant I got to do a fair bit of shopping, but also meant we ended up with a lot of things we didn’t actually need after all.
This time around my list of ‘needs’ was about three items long. We hung onto nearly everything from Aesop’s infancy, and thus, only really needed a few things to ‘winterify’ Aesop’s summery wraps and bedding.
That’s not to say that this wee bean won’t have any new things. Oh no sir, he’ll have new things. It just means we’ve been able to be a bit more picky in what he gets and that with a smaller ‘needs’ list I’ve been able to make a much longer ‘wants’ list with hopes of actually buying a few of the things on it.
I’ll write a post tomorrow about the things that I’ve found for my ‘wants’ list, but I thought today I could show you a few of the things I’ve made so far. Really nesting is only just beginning with 6 and a half weeks to go but, I feel like I’ve done pretty well so far!

– I was lucky enough last time to be sent a gorgeous nappy bag by a very generous blog reader. Unfortunately that bag saw so much wear that it near fell apart when I hauled it out of the cupboard a few weeks ago. So I decided to take it apart and re make it.  I used this fabric that Melissa very kindly sent me (which was the same as my childhood curtains!), re used the padding from the old bag and bought some water resistant black nylon for the lining. It has a pocket on the outside for my keys, and two sectioned pockets inside for baby bits and pieces.

– I’ve been looking on line for Merino wraps for months. I bought one on Trademe which is lovely, but at a minimum of $30 and up to $60!) a pop I couldn’t really afford more than one. Even buying the fabric new is expensive.  I was lucky enough to find this piece at the op shop for a measly $2. It has about three little moth holes in it, but hey for a saving of $28, I’m thinking the baby won’t notice!

– When Aesop was first born I made him a lion. I used a pattern and it’s safe to say I wasn’t stoked with how it turned out. I also made him a bird that I’m not overly fond of. So I decided I wanted to make the new child a toy too.  I must confess that this wee camel is inspire largely by one I saw on the naturebaby, but as someone who realllly doesn’t make soft toys, I’m pretty happy with how he turned out!

– Lastly,  but not leastly, Aesop waited a good long 3 years for his quilt to be finished so I decided I would have this one done in time!  Using some of my sewing scraps, the woollen inner from a vintage cot duvet, some calico and a bit of corduroy I managed to piece together a quilt that almost resembles the quilts that inspired it! woohoo.

I still have a few little projects in mind, but we’ll see how much I can get done before he comes out, I guess!


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you made that camel?? i saw it on your flickr and fell in love. it’s beautiful, as is the quilt. looks like you’re ready!

Comment by valerie

the camel rules!! and the quilt is gorgeous. you have been busy!

Comment by leslie

oh the nesting has been going on for some time, believe you me. you’ve only just noticed it.

the camel rules, the bag is awesome and the quilt is so, so clever.

also, can i point out that although you don’t like the lion, aesop loves sleeping with it. a true sign of success.

Comment by abraham

the quilt is so beautiful. I have only just discovered your blogging again.

Comment by Amelia

you rock my friend

Comment by Amy

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