May 7, 2009, 9:01 pm
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grey and black striped top- the warehouse
grey cardigan- cotton on
black skirt- farmers
navy blue tights- somewhere in london c/o my sister
blue beads- salvation army in nelson (they are the ones we used in primary school to learn hand-eye coordination)
black boots – no1 shoe warehouse


May 4, 2009, 4:20 am
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It’s been talked about and talked about as each blog-writer I read has fallen pregnant: What on earth does one wear when they have a huge bump?
There is a distinct lack of decent maternity wear around, and the few things I have found that I would actually wear I’m not willing to fork out the dosh for. I mean, I barely pay more than $50 for anything that isn’t only for temporary use! Call me stingy but I really don’t have the cash to be forking out up to $100 for a top that will only fit me well for about 8 weeks.
So in an attempt to force myself away from the yoga pants and 3/4 shorts I ended up wearing last time, I have decided to do some ‘wardrobe remix’ type shots of myself over the next six weeks. Hopefully they might encourage/inspire other people away from the terrors of standard maternity garb too.

Saturdays outfit, worn into town, around home and out to play poker in the evening:
Black singlet and cardigan- Glassons
Skirt- a thrifted maxi which was then cut at the top where it would fit and hemmed at the bottom.
Green tights- one of two pairs of tights I still fit, from Topshop via my sister in London.
Black boots- super comfy, from no1 shoe warehouse.
Wooden cat brooch- thrifted from the Salvation army in Whakatane. I love it because it looks a bit like our cat, and mostly because it has green and white stripes.

May 1, 2009, 1:23 am
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– Stewed feijoas – freezer now completely choc-a-block ready for wintery crumbles and breakfasts.
– Washing-  five loads!
– House mostly tidy – kitchen, lounge and bathroom all spotless and sparkling.
– Afternoon nap- after such a busy morning both the cat (Porridge) and I were knackered, so we had a wee lie down.

Today? I was meant to be sewing but, after five broken needles and a bleeding knee from falling off my chair, I have decided today is more of a ‘sit-on-my-bottom-and-surf-the-internet’ type of a day. Perhaps I’ll find some nice things to share with you tomorrow!