A very ‘non’ Christmas.
December 24, 2006, 9:41 am
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It’s officially the day before Christmas.
(I wonder if Mary was in labour yet?)
I’m finding it extremely hard to get into the ‘spririt’ of things this year, which I suppose given our circumstances might be understandable.
We’ve decided to not really do presents this year. A few little bits and pieces for Aesop, but no stockings and no other gifts really. We do have the tree up, and we’re having lunch with my mum and dad and my grandpa, but other than that it will be a normal day for us.
Next year I’m going alllllll out.

How about you lovelies? Big plans?
I would like to, on behalf of Aesop and myself, wish you all the most glorious day. No matter what you’re doing. We wish you all the happiness, health and love possible in the next year and over this ‘jolly season’. Take care of yourselves, eat lots of yummy food, and drink lots (but not tooo much) lovely wine and be merry.

Merry Christmas everyone! ho! ho! ho!


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Merry Christmas to you, too, dear Rhiannon – have a lovely day – modest or otherwise!
xx Helen

Comment by Helen

happy relaxing holidays to you too… take care and i hope it is a good one. hugs,

Comment by amisha

Merry Christmas R. I hope you and Aesop have a wonderful day tomorrow- thinking of you!
M xxx

Comment by melissa

darling rhiannon, hope you had a nice holiday. we had a modest holiday, it wasn’t perfect but it had some wonderful moments (mostly thanks to jackson!). i am looking forward to starting a new year, i hope you are too!

Comment by kara

Hope you had a good Christmas.We had a quiet day, which will be the last one, ever, again. Did you get what you wanted, or were you naughty this year?

Comment by Amelia

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